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Mike Morhaime: To Develop Games With Intention

After so many interviews about the game, the Asian media finally got a chance to talk to the CEO and builder of the Blizzard, Mike Morhaime. He told us something about the game plan, the future development of the products and the mission of the firm. He told us some details about the develop plan.

Q: what's your plan about the Asian market?
As for the Asian market, we will try our best to provide the game contents first. While in the Northern American market, we were focused on diablo 3. We will offer the better contents and design after we announced delay. And nothing more can be told about the Asian market.
Q: does the Blizzard have the plan to produce IOS and Android game?
I love these ios and android games too. And it is a welcome field now.
But we donot have such plans recently.
Q: will Blizzard hold some programs such like blizzcon in Asian?
We hold that in Anaheim because our whole team can join that for it is close. To hold such activity calls for lots of time and labor power. So we can really communicate with players directly. That's why we decided to held that once a year and the place will just around our general headquarters.
Will the collector's edition of diablo 3 be sold in taiwan?

I'm not sure if that has been announced. But what is clear is that the taiwan players have a desire for that. So i'm sure we will deal with that properly.
Q: you added the panderens in the 5.0 edition of world of warcraft. Is that a sign to get closer to the Chinese market?

We added that because we agree with the players' suggestion to get that race in. that will be interesting to see that race in wow. Also other special races will be added too. The wow works great in taiwan and China. But we still concentrated on the world market. We just focused what the world's players will like.

Every market has its own feature, the Blizzard will make different proposals to different markets. The market change that we just mentioned, the difference is that the players must pay to play in the Northern American while in Asian that is free. That's the different plan for different markets.

Q: the Blizzard developed so many great games, and we want to know where were your ideals come from?
We are lucky to have a talented team of development. They were the players too. We just worked for the games that we want to play by ourselves.
Q: the 8 core values of the Blizzard were made by yourselves or the team?

We started that when we held the activity to motivate our brains especially to discuss the core value of why Blizzard is Blizzard. We found our firm mission from that found out the 8 core values. Then we get feedbacks from our workers and adopted that before announced.

Q: why did not you celebrate your 20th anniversary in a large scale?
Actually we celebrated it in our firm without known to the media. And the 50 minutes video that uploaded in our homepage is also something just for our workers. Because that was so great so we shared it outside. I used to play the space craft 2 with Frank in Nasida March this year. Though i fail i felt very happy too. But i will never fail again.
Q: could you tell me something about the most special thing about Blizzard during your operate?

This year the GSL will be held in the BlizzCon, that will be really unforgettable. Especially the final fight, that is a great war. Moreover, when the space craft was announced to plan in the korean olympic gym, to see such people that filled the gym is really excited.
Q: what's the most important thing that you learnt from the operating?
It is always worth to do a better game with more time.
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In-Game Strategy of World of Warcraft

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The wonderful graphics and voice in Rift game At

So many people astonished at how much of an impact the loss of the little things makes the overall experience that much worse. I don't feel connected to my character -at all- because I can't LOOK at him when I open my inventory. Why on earth was that core feature of every RPG removed? Am I supposed to feel that the character is me because I can't see him? Not having the option to confirm my character choices at the end of the newbie dungeon - a staple of Bethesda games - was simply idiotic as well. The shallow skill system makes me feel like my choices don't really matter. It's fine to try and appeal to both crowds - Oblivion was a great example of (aside from inventory management) great PC input and great console input. Skyrim is a great example of how to make everything awesome for someone with a controller while simultaneously making it a pain in the neck to do *anything* with a keyboard + mouse.

It's not just you. I didn't read through the rest of the thread but I imagine anyone agreeing with you would say the same thing as me: Skyrim was a massive step forward in graphics, but a step back in gameplay compared to Oblivion in much the same way that ES vets (like yours truly) felt that as amazing as the graphics and voice acting was in Oblivion, the core gameplay was worse compared to Morrowind. Being able to quickly navigate through menus was at least possible if slower than it should be in Oblivion, while this game made me want to quit after about 2 hours. Want to fly more interesting place in Rift game? Want to get more faster mounts and powerful weapons in Rift? You need plenty Rift gold in game!

There's a point at which procedurally generated content becomes obvious filler, and I think Oblivion was right on the line. Skyrim took that one extra step and pushed into uncanny valley territory for me and my friends. I think that's really what you're feeling - in a game you have a defined goal and clear choices to make, and Skyrim tries so hard to be real with respect to the setting that is becomes jarring. The UI doesn't help matters.

I'm a PC gamer - aside from sports, fighting, and platform games I feel like a mouse + keyboard is a clearly superior input method compared to a controller, and I get annoyed to say the least when a PC game made by a (formerly?) PC-focused company has such an atrocious UI and combat system. Wading through menus and no really descriptive tooltips for anything is just terrible. The dual-wield combat system in particular probably feels amazing with a controller, but it's torture without one.

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